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Speaker Aktive BIEMA Music City 1000

KategoriSpeaker dan Subwoofer
Stok 5
Di lihat532 kali
Berat(/pcs)40 Kg
Harga Rp 10.000.000 11.900.000
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Speaker Aktive BIEMA Music City 1000

Biema Music City series features two models, Music city 800 and Music city 1000, All four systems have class D amplification, housed in the sub-woofer. The rear panel provides input for a stereo line signal, individual column speaker and sub output controls as well as a wireless signal input by Bluetooth.

The full-range column speaker is housed in an elegant and sturdy aluminum alloy chassis. The subwoofer cabinet is made of high quality plywood coating with glossy PU paint.

The high power SMPS amplifier mounted on the subwoofer is a 3-channel Class D amp with DSP processing. This ensures clean and smooth mid highs but emphatic and richlows.

MH limiter protects the column speaker from overload while also produces perfect sound owning to lower distortion near threshold.
LC limiter allows tighter low-end punch as more efficient energy is being used but less kicks appear. It will safeguard the speakers against the damage of inharmonic distortion.
RF frequency response technology reduces noise of the system and rectifies no-linear frequency response.
Subsonic filter protects power amp and speakers form harmful ultra-low frequencies. At the same time it increases power and volume in the usable frequency range.
Optional RCA line input achieves flexible application.
Built-in Bluetooth receiver realizes control and listening to your favorite music wirelessly.
The newly developed, integrated mounting pole enables far more convenient connection and selection of sound coverage angle.
More stylish design and all functions integrate into one system, fast set-up and effortless handing.
Bluetooth, USB, SD or TF inputs, FM, record function with digital display

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