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Mixer Topp Pro MX 1422 FX

KategoriMixer Audio
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Mixer Topp Pro MX 1422 FX

Model 1442FX Mixer
Inputs Channel
Microphone Input Electronically Balanced XLR Balanced
Frequency Response 20Hz to 50KHz± 3dB
Distortion (THD & N} <0.005% to +4dBu, 1 KHz
Gain Range OdBaSOdB MIC
SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio} <-100dB
Phantom Power +48V with switch
Line Input Electronically Balanced 1/4″ TRS
Frequency Response 20Hz to 50KHz ±3dB
Distortion <0.005% to +4dBu, 1 KHZ
Sensitivity +1 5dBu ±3dB
Microphone Input 1.4KOhm
All Other Inputs 10KOhm
Tape Out 1k0hm
All Other Output 120 Ohm
Mono Channel
High ±15dB@ 12Khz
Mid ±15dB Frequency Range 100Hz to BKHz
Low ±1 5dB@80Khz
Stereo Channel
High ±15dB@ 12Khz
High Mid ±15dB@3KHz
Low Mid ±15dB@ 500hz
Low ±1 5dB@80Khz
DSP Section
ND & D/A Converters 24 Bit
DSP Resolution 24 Bit
Type of Effects Vocal, Small Room, Large Hall, Echo, Echo+Verb, Flanger+Verb, Plate, Chorus GTR, Rotary GTR, Tremolo GTR
Presets 100
Controls 100 Position PRESET Selector (10 Presets, 10 Variations), Mute Switch with Indicator Light
Main Mix Section
Bus Noise Fader OdB, Mute -82dB (Ref. +4dB), All input channels, Unity Gain -70dB
Max. Output +22dBu Unbalanced, 1/4″ Jades
Aux Sends Max. Outputs +22dBu Plate, Chorus GTR, Rotary GTR, Tremolo GTR
Aux Returns Gain Range -co to + 15d B
USB Input Builds in the USB full speed (1 2Mbps), Supports the USB mass storage class
FAT Analysis Supports FAT16 and FAT32 / Support VFAT (long file name)
MP3 Decode Supports Sample Rates SKHz, 16KHz, 32KHz, 11.025KHz, 22.05KHz, 44.1 KHz, 12KHz, 24KHz and 48KHz / Supports bit rate 8 to 320 and VBR (Variable Bit rate) Except free format
Electrical Specifications
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
SignaVNoise Ratio >90dB
1 KHz Distortion <0.04%
Power Supply
Main Voltage 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
Fuse 1.6AL AC250V


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