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Launchpad Mini Novation

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Launchpad Mini Novation

Compact, fluid control over Ableton Live, and more.
Launchpad Mini is Novations most compact and affordable Launchpad grid instrument for Ableton Live.

Launchpad Mini displays your Ableton Live session view on 64 mini pads, which let you trigger clips, play drum racks, control your mixer, FX and make amazing performance videos for YouTube. All the pads are backlit with multi-colored LEDs that show you which clips are loaded, playing, and recording. Separate buttons around the outside of the grid are designed to trigger scenes, switch modes, and navigate your session in Ableton Live.

Launchpad Mini is compact and tough enough to throw in your bag, so you can take it anywhere.

You can combine Launchpad Mini with any other Launch products, like Launch Control and Launchkey Mini, to create a compact and hands-on studio setup. It is designed for Ableton Live, but integrates immediately with FL Studio as well.

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