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Ampli Gitar Bugera 1960 Invinium

KategoriAlat Musik, Ampli dan Accesories
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Bugera 1960 invinium

150 Watts of Power /
INFINIUM Valve Life Multiplier Onboard /
4x EL34 Power Amplifier Tubes /
3x ECC83 Preamplifier Tubes /
Separate, Parallel & Cascading Inputs /
4, 8, or 16 Ohms Selectable Impedance /
Post Phase Inverter Master Volume /
Effects Loop with True Bypass /

The 1960 INFINIUM 150-Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head from Bugera features a hand-built, two-channel design based upon classic British amplifiers from the `60s, `70s, and `80s. Its preamp section has three ECC83 tubes while its power section is driven by four EL34s and is capable of 150-watts of output. The 1960 INFINIUM’s two-channels can be used in separate, parallel, or cascading operation. Separate operation lets you use one channel at a time, or you can use both channels simultaneously while in parallel operation. Cascading operation drives the output of the first channel into the input of the second channel, providing Hi-Gain tones. You can also drive independent signals to channels one and two.

The 1960 INFINIUM features Bugera’s INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier Technology, which is designed to lengthen tube life and optimize their output by dynamically balancing the drive between them to evenly distribute the load. When you do need to replace a tube, the system will indicate which one with its back panel LED indicators. The 1960 INFINIUM additionally has an output impedance switch, allowing you to select between four, eight, and 16 ohms for compatibility with a variety of speaker cabinets.

Master Control knob comes post-phase splitter with true bypass for accurate control
Effects loop allows you to select between +4 and -10dB levels and features true bypass

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